A women’s revolution

December 3rd, 3 p.m. CET – online –

This autumn pictures from the protests in Belarus gradually merged with the memories of the last days of communism 30 years ago and the protests East German streets. Then and now it was women, who we see claiming their democratic rights and organising themselves in protests. On the other side of the Atlantic — in Venezuela — we also see women protesting and upraising against a partriarchic and authoritarian system. Taking into focus these three very different “transitions” we want to speak about and with women in times of political change. How important is “female activism” throughout transition? Did women essentially enforce political change?

Our speakers:

Welcome: Stefan Melle, DRA e.V.

  • Olga Schparaga, Philosophers and activist / Belarus
  • Annette Simon, Psychoanalyst and author / Germany
  • Marialbert Barrios, Politician of the opposition, Vice president of the commission on foreign policy / Venezuela

Moderation: Dr. Judith Enders, Perspektive³ e.V.

Transition Times – Female Driven, Ukraine
Transition Times – Female Driven, Bulgaria
Transition Times – Female Driven, Poland