Maryna Minova: “Open borders and international cooperations are possible now”

“When I was a student in the educational system of the Sowjet Union there was one situation. And Belarus was part of the Sowjet Union. And now our Country is an independent state. And there are a lot of changes in our life and in my personal life, too. For example the open borders and international cooperations are possible now. I am a teacher and it is very important for me to cooperate with teachers from different countries. Now it is possible for us. We can find and exchange good examples of educational practice with other teachers. And one of the good examples of educational cooperation is the project between teachers of Georgia, (?) and Russian federation and Belarus on the topic of cultural education and how to develop the students ability to access information from mass media and social network. So I think it’s good and hope for better future.”

Maryna Minova, state educational institution “Academy of postdiploma education”, Republic of Belarus

At a conference in Thessaloniki in October 2015, we asked participants from Eastern and South-eastern Europe about their “Transition Moment”. Could they tell us a little story of a moment, when they realised that something was changing fundamentally in the early 90s.