Second book on Transition Dialogue online

In “Challenges of Transition in Eastern Europe: Lessons for Civic Education” eleven experts from Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary share their observations on the biggest challenges and obstacles in dealing with the past of transition in democratic ways today. The compilation is based on the outcomes of a conference that took place in Sofia on 22nd-23rd of November in 2019. It entails contributions from Thomas Krüger, director of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb), Stefan Melle (DRA Berlin) and Louisa Slavkova (Sofia Platform). Some of the topics discussed are:

📌 The Elusive Nature of Communist Nostalgia
📌 Urban vs. Rural during the Transition Period in Central and Eastern Europe
📌 A Soft but Mighty Power: Transition and Trust
📌 Dealing with the Past and Teaching History – Civic Education on the SED Dictatorship
📌 Memories and Narratives of Communism. Selectiveness and One-sidedness
📌 The Generation of Transition in Eastern Europe. A Generation of Uncertainty, a Generation of Distrust