Transition Dialogue on Perspektive3

Same but very different

My story of change in the 90s. Perspectives Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Germany.

When we think of transition in Germany, we think of reunification of East and West, of living in relation to that other half. In all the states of the former Eastern Block, the so called 3rd Generation – those born between 1975 and 1985 – has made transformation experiences in an age of adolescense. Inbetween breakdown and new beginnings, impoverishment and unknown abundance of goods, new role models and lasting confusion and insecurity. With the promise that all borders are now gone and the sticky feeling that they are still there, just elsewhere and reshaped.

Take the chance to listen to very personal stories from Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Germany. And if you like, tell us your own story.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to combine your visit to the panel discussion with visiting the exhibtion DER DRITTE BLICK by Perspective3– a multimedia exhibition on photographic positions of a transition generation.

date: thursday, 03.10.2015

time: 4-6pm

location: Willy-Brandt-Haus, Berlin

on the podium:

Olena Pravylo (Congress of Culture Activists, Ukraine)

Polina Filippova (Sakharov Center, Russia)

Louisa Slavkova (Sofia Platform, Bulgaria)

Christine Wetzel (German-Russian Exchange, Germany)