UKRAINE – Congress of Culture Activists (CCA), 

The Ukrainian “Congress of Cultural Activists” contributes to the development of the cultural sphere and creative industry and promotes the development of civil society and the creation of creative communities in Ukraine. The congress develops networks in the field of cultural activism and contributes to the implementation of interdisciplinary projects in cooperation with (international) experts and regional action alliances. The work of the CCA creates conditions for positive development in the cultural sector in Ukraine and projects on socially relevant issues are implemented. Further cooperation partners: The project will actively seek and continue the connection to existing formats of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, which approach the same topic, such as the program focus “The Years of Change 1989-1991. Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe 30 years later ”at the Leipzig Book Fair; Networking European Citizenship Education (NECE), as well as the networks of the bpb in the countries of the Eastern Partnership, such as “Mapping Memories”. Further collaborations are sought, including with the history network EUSTORY of the Körber Foundation, with the professional network EUROCLIO, with EI (Education International), the Council of Europe, etc. For the presentation and networking of the project, its inclusion in similar thematic events (conferences, etc.) of others Targeted actors and a travel / presentation budget for this purpose. 

Contested Memories – or Where does Nostalgia Lead us?

The transition dialogues are about experiences and memories about the very recent  history. For Ukraine, the communist past is a taboo issue, only fragments appear on the surface, but trigger conflicts in families and entire regions. Clashing beliefs about the past are not new and and have become an obstacle to mutual understanding within society …

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Stories of Change from Kyiv

For many in the Ukraine, the Chernobyl-disaster marked the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union. Olena Pravilo from Congress of Cultural Activists talked to people, who were children back then, about the moment when they realised that everything started to change.

Jaroslav Belinskiy interview, Kyiv

As a child, Jaroslav won a trip to Switzerland in the Red Cross drawing competion, that was announced in the Pioneers Newspaper. But still in 1991 authorities tried to hide the victory from him in order not to let him travel… A story of change from Ukraine.

Deutschlandforschertagung 2016 – Children of Transition

“The good, the bad and the Eastern Europeans – refugees and the communist past.” Under this headline, Iva Kopraleva and Rafaela Tripalo from Transition Dialogue Network presented research results from Bulgaria and Croatia at the conference “Deutschlandforschertagung 2016 – Children of Transition, Children of War” in November in Vienna. Together with Louisa Slavkova, they have …

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The Changes since the 80s and the war in Eastern Ukraine

Transition Dialogue Panel on the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine 9. November 2016 at Böll-Foundation Berlin, DRA Autumn Talks on Conflict Resolution in the Donbass Region The war in Eastern Ukraine widely disappeared from from press coverage and international notice. But the conflict goes on and the Minsk peace process is shaky. After discussing prospects for …

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