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Transition Dialogue: How to talk about the past and present?

ln 2019 in parts of Europe we are marking 30 years since the beginning of transition from communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall. ln two years from now in yet other parts of Eastern Europe we will mark the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the war-torn collapse of former Yugoslavia. Witnesses and drivers of those events are still actively shaping the social, political and cultural life.

Meanwhile a generation has come of age that has no direct memory neither of communism nor of transition. Their knowledge and perceptions of this recent past ¡s mostly based on stories of the older generations and on politicized and instrumentalized discourses. Against this background and as practitioners of history and civic education, we aim at taking a closer look at two of the areas that mostly contribute to the formation of knowledge and perceptions of that recent past – the public discourse and teaching of transition.  Continue reading