Dialogues on transition. Podcasts.

The “Transition Dialogue” network, is inviting teachers, students, and everyone else to a series of three podcasts on transformation in Central and Eastern Europe. We have asked experts and practitioners of history and civic education from Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine to rethink political and social transition after 1989. In three podcasts we are …

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I dreamed of exoplanets

Anait Sagoyan is a Berlin-based poet, writer and photographer. In her novel House of Paraffin, published 2021 in Russian, she tells the story of two people who grew up in two very different corners of the post-Soviet world. Their paths eventually cross in Berlin, where together they face their childhood memories and unhealed wounds of …

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Education, Interrupted

On the 25th June we hosted our fourth online event, “Through the Lens of Transition, “Education, Interrupted,” with three speakers: Alicja Pacewicz, a Polish economist, social and educational activist and co-founder of the Center for Citizenship Education with Class Foundation, and an expert of the Polish Ministry of National Education and the Central Examination Board; …

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