Liudmyla Solodilina

Liudmyla shares her experience of dissociating Ukraine’s sports community from its Soviet and Russian past. She recounts her own experience as a coach and director of a national sports school. Liudmyla was born in 1955 in Kyiv. In 1979, she graduated from the Kyiv State Pedagogical Institute. In 1989, she graduated from Kyiv State Institute of Physical Education and Sport. In 1988 Liudmyla initiated the recognition of Wushu as a sport in Ukraine, recognized in 1989. She is an Honored Coach of Ukraine and the master of sports of the international class. Since 1997 she has been the director of the Suzirya Children and Youth Sports School. She is the Chairwoman of the Committee of Kungfu International Kungfu Federation (IKFF), the President of Ukrainian Kungfu Federation, the Chief Coach of the national kungfu teams of Ukraine, a multiple World and European Champion in Traditional Wushu.