Transition Dialogue – Mapping A Generation

“Transition Dialogue – Mapping a Generation in Transition” is a network for organizations and projects that deal with managing transitional strategies and experiences. It aims at taking a snapshot at the variety of civic approaches and experiences in dealing with transition in Europe and outlining the common essence.

In all the states of the former Eastern Bloc, the so called 3rd Generation – those born between 1975 and 1985 – has made transformation experiences in an age of adolescence. In-between breakdown and new beginnings, impoverishment and unknown abundance of goods, new role models and lasting confusion and insecurity. With the promise, that all boarders are now gone and the sticky feeling, that a lot of them are still there, just elsewhere and reshaped.

What were the impacts of transition experiences? How do people between 30 and 40 do position themselves towards their recent history, what narratives have been developed by them and their societies about it? What are their private and social concepts for the future? How do they position themselves as individuals in society, in their role as “Citoyen” – do they appeal to this role at all? And what does this mean for civil engagement, how did they themselves use their opportunities of actively reshaping society?

Participating Organisations:

Sakharov Center, Russia

Znanje na djelu, Croatia

Congress of Culture Activists, Ukraine

Perspective3, Germany

DRA e.V. German-Russian Exchange, Germany

Sofia Platform, Bulgaria

Plural, Romania