Soon we will publish our new handbook on teaching transition in Europe, which will be provided for download here.

The handbook will target educators in formal and non-formal sectors to support them in dealing with the topic of teaching transition from communism.

Here you find the handbooks that we have published so far:

Mapping Transition in Europe:
Experience of Change after the End of communism (2017)

With the rise of populism and xenophobia in Eastern Europe, a key question has become “what went wrong?”. Eastern Europe needs a different approach, which begins with a closer look at both the communist period and the variety of transitional experiences of the past. Unless political culture becomes a centerpiece of the democratization efforts, transition will be continuously perceived by many citizens as a failure and space is open for illiberal forces to determine the future of democracy.

Challenges of Transition in Eastern Europe:
Lessons for Civic Education (2019)

There are huge differences in the way Eastern European countries experienced the transition from communism to democracy. While the economic and political implications are what has been mostly discussed, the impact on the culture and civility of people has been neglected. This small collection of essays captures the key challenges of transition, its impact of today’s state of democracy, and the subsequent implications for civic education.