Welcome to Transition Dialogue. As practitioners of history and civic education, our network is committed to the critical evaluation of the period of post-socialist transformation from 1989 onwards and the ways of coming to terms with its political consequences in the present-day societies of our participating project countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine.  

We focus on public discourse surrounding this period, particularly on how it is taught in schools, and examine the ways in which this era – already a part of contemporary history – continues to shape narratives today. Its immediate consequences, as seen now by the presence of war on the European continent, are of great current relevance for the future of these countries on a political and socio-psychological level. Its effects on education and democracy cannot be understated, and the necessity to counteract generalised, simplified narratives in order to promote cohesion based on democratic values cannot be exaggerated. Fundamentally, we seek to answer the questions: “How do we talk about our past? How does this affect our present? And what can be done for our future?” 

Here, you will find information about our past and current projects, including our publications in collaboration with organisations in our partner countries, such as our newest publication that aims to support history and civic education practitioners in their teaching on the transition period. You will also find our collection of stories: events, podcasts, exhibitions, conferences, and more, that provoke reflection and questions on this period of the past and its resonance in the present.