Kiev Networking Congress – Workshop Impressions

The partners of the Transition Dialogie Network took part at the Congress of Cultural Activists’ Networking Weekend in April 2016 in Kiev/Ukraine. The Networking Weekend “Communities&Advocacy” brought together professionals and experts from all over Ukraine and Europe. The participants worked on building field cooperation and finding solutions to develop their joint action pro-gramme focused on their specific projects and interests in order to support the Ukraine transformation process  and the development of civil society with cultural strategies. We presented the Transition Dialogue project and different approaches for involving citizens in civic engagement in the local community. Further, Louisa Slavkova (Sofia Platform), Dörte Grimm (Perspektive3) and Christine Wetzel (DRA e.V.) participated in a Panel on how to Advocate Civil Society Strategies for Change. The role of culture in the development of the society and how it may drive changes is often overlooked. The need to advocate for culture as a driver of development is identified by many stakeholders.


Meeting of the Congress of Cultural Activists with the new Ukrainien Minister of Culture Iugen Nischuk on Ukrainian Culture Strategy.

conference (1) (225x300)Olena Pravilo

P1000717 (300x225)Polina Filipova, Madalina Amza, Rafaela Tripalo, Christine Wetzel

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P1000721 (300x225)Polina Filipova

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P1000790 (300x225)Louisa Slavkova and Rafaela Tripalo

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P1000794 (300x225)Supporting Partners

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P1000795 (225x300)The Network Meeting Agenda