The exhibition LOST IN TIME

The exhibition LOST IN TIME is about objects and people who have lost their past and cannot move forward into the future. The discussion “Transition Dialogue for Democratic Change. Art in times of turbulence” was held alongside the exhibition, where different paintings, photos and videos have been showcased.

Throughout time, we can see that turbulence, changes and uncertainty towards the future have all served as a source of artistic inspiration. More and more, such transition periods are often becoming a symbol of unique human experiences and challenges. So people stand here today, in front of a smoky landscape of geopolitical, ecological, and cultural events, facing the wind of changes, looking for themselves on the horizon. How can the social reality that was received as a heritage from previous epochs be related with the present? What will the future bring? The exhibition and discussion took place in the Transition Dialogue project, in cooperation with the Congress of Cultural Activists, the Grand Narrative Institute and the All-Ukrainian Youth Center.