Best Practice: Saxony in Dialogue

Can we still have a conversation with each other? We all want to be heard, but are not always prepared to listen? The social climate of conversation seems poisoned, dialogue increasingly turns into discord; hatred and agitation often dominate the discourse.

In this short video, the project “Saxony in Dialogue” is presented by its initiator Conny Reichelt. Through encounters between people, also in an unconventional way, this project tries to establish a lively and contentious culture of conversation. Citizens from different communities enter into a dialogue within Saxony about everyday experiences and opinions on topics that are important for society as a whole. There are various project modules, workshops and discussion events.  

The dialogue around the events of 1989 and the transformation processes in German unity form a highlight of the Saxony in Dialogue project. They provide an impetus for discussion of the post-reunification period and current political issues. Current politics in East Germany are influenced by the insufficient reappraisal of the events following the fall of the Berlin Wall and German unification. Offenses and losses suffered during this time are a breeding ground for populist movements today. 

In order to be able to deal with the social conflicts and divisions that have arisen in this way, mutual understanding and a lively dialogue are necessary. Saxony in Dialogue wants to contribute to conflict resolution and more compassion to each other’s situation. 

With this video, Transition Dialogue opens a series of interviews on best practice in civic engagement, dealing with the past, the future and with the experiences of transition in Europe.