Launch of new phase of Transition Dialogue 2022-2024 – watch this space!

The completion of the handbook marks the end of its first phase, the project “Transition Dialogue” has now been extended from 2022-2024. In this new phase of the project, the Transition Dialogue network seeks to open a transnational and differentiated debate on transformation processes and experiences that makes memory discourses more visible and contributes to better understanding between European neighbours. The young generation must be explicitly brought into focus and addressed. To this end, following the publication of the Transition Dialogue handbook, our project will be divided into two levels.

Firstly, we will be focussing on disseminating the methodologies and teaching methods outlined in the handbook to educators and practitioners in a series of workshops called the Transition Academy. Secondly, as we are seeking to make visible and tangible the respective discourses on national and transnational levels to create space for dialogue through interactive formats, we will be organising interactive international networks in order to make the results of the project work of “Transition Dialogue” more public by organising Transition Talks, where actors from formal and non-formal education sectors will network with each other. These Transition Talks will be held in various formats and in cooperation with partner institutions. At selected transformation sites, project and educational work at international, national and local level is to be connected to develop further material for education on transformation after 1989.

We hope with the extension of our project to promote better cross-national understanding and a European perspective, among other things, to ensure more cohesion in Eastern Europe and the EU.