Stowarzyszenie 61 (Warsaw)

Stowarzyszenie 61 (English: Association 61) was founded in 2005, and has been supporting conscious and active participation of citizens in elections as well as monitoring the public life in Poland since 2007. They have cultivated a specific set of IT tools to support election processes and research parliamentary data. They aim to achieve their goals through the civic education of youth and adults, as well as gathering, analysing and sharing data on public life. Their work is based on the principles of impartiality and equal access to information for all Poles. In 2019, Association 61 received an Award for Social Engagement from Polish Business Roundtable. In 2022, they launched the project “Obywatelski HiT” (English: “The Civil History and the Present Project”), which was created in response to the introduction of a new subject – History and the Present – in secondary schools.

At obywatelskihit.pl, you can find an extensive database of educational materials, including films, lesson scenarios, exercise proposals, source texts, dictionary entries etc. Amongst them there are new materials, created especially for learning History and the Present by our team and partner initiatives, alongside specifically selected pre-existing educational materials.

Grażyna Staniszewska

Grażyna is originally from Biała Krakowska and now lives in Warsaw. Before the 1990s she was a teacher at the general education lyceum, head of a cultural center and trainer at the Center for Research and Development REDOR. In the early 1980s she was a

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