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As practitioners of history and civic education, our network is committed to the critical evaluation of the period of post-socialist transformation from 1989 onward, to investigating the ways of coming to terms with its political consequences in the present-day societies, and to providing educational resources on transition and how it can be approached by teachers and educators.  More details about our network and video interviews with our partners

Here you will find:

  • information about our past and current projects
  • our publications and teaching materials, such as our newest handbook for history and civic educators
  • our collection of stories: events, podcasts, exhibitions, conferences, and more, that provoke reflection and questions on this period of the past and its resonance in the present, which you can also browse through by countries

You can also watch what our partners have to say about our work here below:

Dialogues on transition. Podcasts.

The “Transition Dialogue” network, is inviting teachers, students, and everyone else to a series of three podcasts on transformation in Central and Eastern Europe. We have asked experts and practitioners of history and civic education from Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine to rethink political

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I dreamed of exoplanets

Anait Sagoyan is a Berlin-based poet, writer and photographer. In her novel House of Paraffin, published 2021 in Russian, she tells the story of two people who grew up in two very different corners of the post-Soviet world. Their paths eventually cross in Berlin, where

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Women’s Revolution

The role of women in conflict and transition societies is significant for a variety of reasons. Women are active agents of change and a driving force. In December 2020, the conference “A women’s revolution” took place, where we undertook an intensive, virtual journey around the

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Through the Lens of Transition

Through the Lens of Transition has been a series of webinars held by Transition Dialogue over the course of May and June. We covered a range of topics, from the economy to public spaces, from education to media and the closing of borders, and have

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Closed Borders: Then and Now

The first of our talks Through the Lens of Transition, “Closed Borders: Then and Now,” took place in our new online format on 14th May. We welcomed as speakers at this event: Alicja Pacewicz, economist, social and educational activist and co-founder of the Center for

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